Our team is made up of a very talented group of people. They genuinely care about the projects they work on, the people they work on them with, and the users that are affected by the quality products they produce. As a whole, we work to make the best products possible. We all wear as many hats as needed, and a reliable enough that if we need to get stuff done, it will absolutely get done. Meet them below:

Loushou, CEO of RdyGo

Loushou is the CEO of RdyGo, the overall Team Lead, and visionary that propels them forward.

Loushou is the CEO and Founder of RdyGo, and the leader of our entire team. His vision is to provide the Play Store and App Store communities with the highest quality apps possible. He strives to always do things right, from the start, and the quality of his work and his team’s work is apparent to all who use his products, right out of the gate. He believes in rewarding people for loyalty. He believes in Privacy and Security. He consumes feedback as if it were fuel, and uses it to build better products than even he can imagine from the start.

He also cares deeply for his team and coworkers. The value he places on the skills and assets that each team member brings to the table, is amongst the highest of any CEO in the industry. He believes in promoting good work ethic, and encourages his team to not cut corners where others would. His mentality keeps him deeply invested in the ongoing progression and final target product of each project he works on, which makes him the ideal leader for keeping the dream alive.

His experience ranges from Entry Level Developer, to Lead Engineer for a Social Network, all the way up to CTO of a major development company in Las Vegas Nevada, prior to starting RdyGo with his Partner (both in business and life) Zora Browne. His experience as a software engineer gives him a unique perspective, that enables him to put User Experience and Software Functionality before revenue. This mindset allows his products to sail higher than other software, because it is focused on the user, not the bottom line. RdyGo relies on him to continually push them in the direction of their combined vision of software.

Zora Browne, CMO of RdyGo

Zora Browne is the CMO for RdyGo, and one of the most valuable members of the team!

Zora Browne is the CMO, Co-Founder, and Marketing Genius that powers all the creative aspects of RdyGo and its products. She is single handedly responsible for generating all the assets, images, videos, audio, and any other form of visual medium that is used to promote our products. She is also the power behind managing our brand awareness on every Social Platform that is worth mentioning. Her skills also afford her the ability to be an excellent primary contact for customer relations.

This team member is a brilliant individual. Her expertise and knowledge spans multiple disciplines, but her value does not stop there! Being extremely connected to her emotions, and the emotions of those around her, makes her the glue that keeps our team together. When she finds someone is down or stressed, she lifts them up. If you need help she is the person to goto. In the rare event she cannot help you, she finds the person who can. She is an all around good person who genuinely cares about the people around her, and she is a pleasure to work with.

Her experience is vast, and she is an expert in many different aspects of business and marketing. Having started her adult life owning and operating her own brick and mortar business in the heart of New York City, she has the business acumen to back up her incredible marketing skills. She knows how to get people talking. Encouraging people to recognize a brand and engage with its offerings is a skill that she mastered early in her career. In addition she has the capacity to manage high budget campaigns with any number of goals and milestones. Her value is integral to the operation of our team!