RdyGo is a new Android App and iOS App developer, just started in 2020. Our apps are made by an incredibly talented team. It is our belief that by making higher quality apps, we can raise the otherwise low bar for what distinguishes quality apps from bad ones. We want our users to feel involved during every step of the process, so we highly encourage you to Contact Us and provide us with any feedback you see fit. You might love the new Riddle Robot App. You might hate it. Regardless, we want to hear your thoughts about it.

The RdyGo Team

Our Team is very, very small. We believe in open communication, and complete transparency, especially when it comes to our Company and our users! As members of our company, we wear many hats, and all chip in to help one another out where we can, and because of this, we are all generally on the same page about our products. We share a defined vision of what we want our products to reflect on our users, and that singular focus is what drives us to continue to produce excellent software that our users can actually find value in.

As a single unit, we come together and brainstorm an idea. It starts as a small kernel of an idea. We plant it firmly in our collective thoughts, and we nourish it with creative thinking and experience, until it starts to grow into something great. Once we have a great starting point, we start incorporating the feedback, both positive and negative, from our loyal user base. This amazing kernel of an idea is transformed into something that everyone can find value in, especially the users who have worked so hard to test and provide that invaluable feedback.

The latest Android App and iOS App from RdyGo is called Riddle Robot Eyezak, the Puzzle Master. Get it on the Play Store or App Store.

Riddle Robot Eyezak, the Puzzle Master

Our latest app is going to be released in Q1 of 2020. This app will challenge users of all levels with over 5000 riddles, which range from funny dad-joke style riddles, onto easy riddles anyone can do, all the way up the ladder to the riddles that only the smartest people in the world can solve. The star of our app is a snarky, blue and black robot named Eyezak, who loves to pick at the puny humans that he challenges. He will test your patience and your knowledge, and all the while he will egg you on with motivation ranging from direct insults all the way up to passive indignity. Hours or fun for users of any age and knowledge.

We look forward to opening the Early Access and Beta versions to the public in early or mid January 2020. Be one of the first to play this new riddle game by signing up for the beta on our Riddle Robot website. Then, once you are into it a bit, give us some feedback using our various Contact Forms, either here on the RdyGo website or over on the Riddle Robot Contact Form.