SFVMedia.com: San Fernando Valley, Glorious News for 1000s

SFVMedia was the top source for San Fernando Valley news and community! Everything from dining disruptions to traffic on the 405 was covered by this comprehensive informational community site! 1000s of local citizens relied on this source each month, even in the month it was launched. Tommi and her team were skilled writers that encouraged community engagement at the highest levels.

Chris and his team built this site from the ground up, including a collaborative design and speedy development. This site had a unique requirement that a portion of the content was automatically created from sources around the Valley. These sources sometimes provided APIs, but most of the time they did not. Chris wrote several backend tools that not only automated the information gathering for this content, but also automated the productionization of it as well.

Behind the scenes, Chris worked on the speed and reliability of this San Fernando Valley community site. His efforts ensured the site had 99.9% uptime and 4 nines of availability. With the mastery of all server-side optimizations, Chris was able to make SFVMedia one of the fastest, most reliable sites on the web.

Logo for SFVMedia.com, the once leading source for San Fernando Valley news!

Highlights from Services Provided for San Fernando Valley News Source

Development & Implementation

  • Collaborated on a design with SFVMedia’s vision in mind
  • Created online presence by implementing their first website
  • Theme creation, setup, and admin tools
  • Fashioned a complete automated content generation pipeline
  • Implemented uncommon, but effective, SEO markup to improve search rankings
  • Integrated many third-party APIs
  • many, many more features


  • Bi-monthly updates and improvements
  • Iterative improvements on site speed
  • 1-minute granularity backups and recoveries
  • Hosting setup and management
  • Third-party service replacements and improvements


  • Comprehensive WordPress security analysis & report
  • Server & Services setup and routine auditing
  • Password policy creation & enforcement
  • Firewall level client blocking
  • Round the clock security monitoring
  • HTTPS setup and maintenance

Custom Themes & Plugins

  • Completely custom, high-availability tuned theme
  • Admin improvements for staff efficiency
  • Caching & security plugins
  • Admin tools to control automated content generation from online San Fernando Valley sources
  • Site organization and optimization plugins

Hosting Setup

  • Initial setup of hosting & ongoing account management
  • Evaluation of hosting costs
  • Server setup, configuration and management
  • Integration of CDN and related tech