Elevated Projects: An Exciting Sample from Over 300

Chris’s Contributions to Elevated Projects

In the past 15 years, Chris elevated projects for over 300 brands, apps, and websites. His work includes projects small and large, ranging from the small mom & pop eCommerce store, up to the active social network with millions of users and content. Each project came with it’s own needs & challenges, but every one was delivered on time, and exceeding expectations. Solving all of these challenges gave Chris the skills he needed to be offered a job at Google, in their YouTube division.

Chris has a wealth of knowledge which is poured into each elevated project he takes on. His specialties include: website migrations & development, speed & performance, search engine optimization (SEO), server & network security, data migrations, site maintenance & hosting, cloud services management, and many other website & hosting related skills. Every project is unique and requires specialized combination of these skills and more. Chris has the knowledge and experience required to turn your vision into an elevated project.