Teas and Spices by the 1000s, Exciting

If Teas and Spices are your thing, like me, then is the place for you. They have a bunch of different tea flavors, from all around the world, and pretty much any spice you can think of. They have a brick and mortar in Las Vegas, but if you aren’t local or are not on a “Hangover” trip, you can still access their amazing selection online!

Chris worked with Richard and his crew to bring their business online, available for the masses. Sheffield shared their comprehensive catalog of Teas and Spices with Chris and his team, and their vision for an ideal customer experience! Chris combined those things into a user friendly shop that has a high conversion rate. Customers can find the tea flavors and spice selections they need with only a few simple clicks.

Like many of the other eCommerce projects Chris has worked on, SheffieldSpices needed to make sure their customer experience was fast an secure. These topics are what Chris specializes in. Armed to the teeth with security protections and caching/speed improvements, their site stands up to any load of customer browsing and purchasing. For years Chris provided bi-monthly Maintenance and feature updates that has put SheffieldSpice on the digital map!

Logo for, the premiere destination in Las Vegas for all Teas and Spices

Highlights from Services Provided


  • Collaborated on an outsourced design with Sheffield’s vision in mind
  • Scrutinized user-flows of the design and affected change in it
  • Sliced design into small consumable pieces
  • Turned the design into a responsive WordPress theme
  • Collaborated on color, font, and layout choices

Development & Implementation

  • Created online presence by implementing their first website
  • Custom product ordering algorithm, elevating important Teas and Spices items
  • Theme creation, setup, and admin tools
  • Implemented uncommon, but effective, SEO markup to improve search rankings
  • Custom product handling built on WooCommerce
  • many, many more features


  • Bi-monthly updates and improvements
  • Iterative improvements on site speed
  • 1-minute granularity backups and recoveries
  • Hosting setup and management
  • Third-party service replacements and improvements


  • Comprehensive WordPress security analysis & report
  • Server & Services setup and routine auditing
  • Password policy creation & enforcement
  • Firewall level client blocking
  • Round the clock security monitoring
  • HTTPS setup and maintenance

Custom Themes & Plugins

  • Completely custom, high-availability tuned theme
  • Admin improvements for staff efficiency
  • Caching & security plugins
  • Custom product surfacing algorithm leading to high conversions
  • Site organization and optimization plugins
  • Tea flavors search module


  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Customized WooCommerce plugins for surfacing & managing products
  • Custom reporting for sales and conversions
  • Shipping & Handling configuration and maintenance
  • Product listing entry & presentation
  • Customized product options

Hosting Setup

  • Initial setup of hosting & ongoing account management
  • Evaluation of hosting costs
  • AWS management
  • Integration of CloudFlare & interaction with CloudFlare API