Celebuzz.com: #1 Celebrity News Site on the Web, Extremely Fast

Celebuzz! is the top Celebrity News Site on the web! With 1000s of stories and daily updates, if you want up to date information on any celebrity out there, this is the place to be. Everything from fashion, TV, movies, and music are covered by this site, and have been for over a decade! They also own, manage, and engage with the top celebrity websites out there.

Chris worked with the Celebuzz! team to implement a ton of new features and a new theme. Improved search, specialized photo galleries, site speed and reliability improvements, and more were at the top of the list. The success that Chris brought lead to a long engagement with their team to help redesign, revitalize, and rejuvenate almost every celebrity website in their celebrity news site arsenal. They even contracted Chris to work on some of their other important properties, like: JustJared, GoFugYourself, TheSuperficial, StereoGum and several other core websites.

Not only was Chris an integral part of the redesign of this celebrity news site, but Chris worked hand in hand with the internal server management team to completely reinvent their server hosting scheme. Chris built a new caching scheme for their team and accompanying WordPress plugins. He also wrote an entire automation suite that streamlined their server and webhost management. Chris essentially invented CI/CD processes before the world adopted them as standard tools.

Logo for Celebuzz.com, #1 Celebrity News Site on the web!

Highlights from Services Provided for this Celebrity News Site

Development & Implementation

  • Collaborated on a design with Celebuzz’s vision in mind
  • Implemented the new site design and a ton of frontend & backend improvements
  • Theme creation, setup, and admin tools
  • Improved photo gallery display and browser compatibility
  • Implemented uncommon, but effective, SEO markup to improve search rankings
  • Landed a contract for almost 100 celebrity websites
  • Invented a multisite platform on top of WordPress
  • many, many more features


  • Daily updates and improvements
  • Iterative improvements on site speed
  • 1-minute granularity backups and recoveries
  • Hosting setup and management
  • Third-party service replacements and improvements
  • Completely automated deployment workflows and tooling
  • Invention of CI/CD deployment tools, before they were popular


  • Comprehensive WordPress security analysis & report
  • Server & Services setup and routine auditing
  • Password policy creation & enforcement
  • Firewall level client blocking
  • Round the clock security monitoring
  • HTTPS setup and maintenance

Custom Themes & Plugins

  • Completely custom, high-availability tuned theme
  • Admin improvements for staff efficiency of this celebrity news site
  • Caching & security plugins
  • Admin tools to control celebrity gallery pages
  • Site organization and optimization plugins
  • Search algorithm that highlighted specific and popular celebrities
  • Custom post types for Celebrities, Events, Galleries and more

Hosting Setup

  • Evaluation of hosting setup and costs
  • Training for hosting optimization and automation
  • Integration of CDN and CDN APIs
  • Server level optimizations that lead to huge speed gains