About Me – Chris Valentine & RdyGo LLC, Innovative Problem Solving 2023

Chris Valentine started RdyGo LLC in early 2020. Even before he started this company, Chris has worked with big-name clients and small mom & pops for over 15 years! Household names like Celebuzz!, TheWrap, Kim Kardashian, TheMighty and more are in his portfolio. Small projects are also there, like Sheffield Spice, SFV Media, and Brian Smith. Chris has even worked at Google and YouTube, which solidified his credentials to the world at large.

Chris Valentine has Got Skillz

Each project Chris Valentine has worked on added new skills to his arsenal. Early in his career, he solved a massive eCommerce problem of serving millions of products, to thousands of stores, at hyper-speeds and without data duplication. With this improvement, literally everyone could have an online store serving millions of products! Every step since then has been an escalation of his already expert skills in software engineering & server administration.

All the Hype!

Hundreds of Celebrity blogs and Industry news sites have benefited from Chris’s. All of the Kardashians, Shenae Grimes, Holly Madison and more have seen features and optimizations invented and implemented by Chris and his team. Industry news sites like TheWrap, OceanUp, and Celebuzz! have elevated their brands from the improvements of speed and UX that Chris Valentine coded and deployed.

Celebrities Love Chris Valentine

Chris Valentine elevated over 300 brands in 15 years, improving their online presence and recognition through solid software engineering practices. For instance, Celebuzz! needed an “all-in-one” platform to manage and maintain 100s of celebrity blog sites covered by their umbrella. Chris worked with their team to create such a platform, which powered 100s of blogs for years. Custom themes, plugins, and code were all at the core of this massive project. Chris flexed his communications skills on a daily by keeping stakeholders informed, analyzing team progress, and course correction.

Going Social

TheMighty, the world’s leading Health Social Network, is a social network because of Chris Valentine’s work. When Chris joined the project, the blog was looking for help implementing some new features and improving their site speed. After solving those things quickly, Chris was commissioned to completely transform their blog into a user-powered social network, complete with all the bells and whistles! Social elements like comment threads, hearting, bookmarking, sharing, following, friending, chat, and much more were all implemented by Chris Valentine! He even wrote their app using Flutter, a mobile framework used to create Android and iOS simultaneously!

Inspired Content at it’s Best

Stories are at the center of the work Chris does. InspireMore needed help from Chris and his team to spread their inspirational stories to the world! The site was slow and they wanted to allow their users to submit inspirational stories. In an effort to support the community, they also wanted to promote and collect donations for a whole slue of Charitable Causes.

After Chris Valentine was done, their site was one of the fastest on the internet, loading in less than 2 seconds with a 99 PageSpeed score. Users were able to share their local and personal inspiring stories, many of which were published by the InspireMore team! They also collected much needed dollars for all kinds of Charitable Causes!

Videos for Everyone!

Google and YouTube recognized Chris Valentine’s talent! While working there, Chris worked on important backend projects, all in C++, which secured user access to certain video content. Factors like age, location, subscription level, publisher, copyrights, laws and more all weighed in on the results of the algorithms Chris worked on. If you have ever tried to watch a video on YouTube and found that it was not playable for you, that was probably because of Chris!

Work With Us

Chris Valentine & RdyGo LLC are at the top of the Software Development industry. They only take a few projects a year now, and their work is best in class! With over 15 years of brand elevation experience, any project would benefit from Chris and his team flexing their skills. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation!